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“The major part of this contract was carried out at weekends due to the high density of traffic and footfall in the area. The vicinity has a number of other building projects being carried out so the number one brief was…minimalise distruption. I am delighted to report that our clients were thrilled with our contribution to a very exciting project.”

We can’t believe how quickly 2020 went by !
A year that has been impulsive, intense and full of new conditions. A year, full of new challenges, which unfortunately cost many industries the existence and a year that we will definitely never forget. 🎗
We would like to thank our new and also existing customers who have had our back all year long and diligently became part of Vijator Transport and Vijator Scaffolding.
Thanks also to our suppliers who put all the levers in motion to deliver to us as soon as possible and of course also a big THANK YOU to our employees who did their best every day and didn’t have an overtime too much for them. 😊👍👥
We wish you a merry Christmas, relaxed holidays, a happy new year and a healthy and above all carefree 2021. 🍀🎄🎅


With literally hundreds of thousands of people moving in that part of town every day, exclusion zones and pedestrian traffic management was always going to play a huge part in the project. We are delighted to report that we ticked all the boxes required by our clients and the authorities at Geneva City Council. – We are satisfied with our client DELTA.